Promoting Bowie:
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Plan your trip on 2nd Monday weekend to enjoy the flea markets as well as the downtown merchants along Mason street.

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A Vision of Opportunity

Commerce. Yes, even in this day when "free enterprise" is ridiculed as greedy, such was the impetus for the township of Bowie, Texas. Were it not for the Fort Worth/Denver railroad, this busy town on the gateway to West Texas would still be only a cow pasture.

In 1882 the residents applied for a post office named in the honor of James Bowie. While the famous defender of freedom who died in the Alamo had never roamed those prairies, the townspeople admired his heroism in the cause of liberty. By the 1890's Bowie hosted nearly 3000 citizens and was the market and financial center between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls.

Today, some dozen decades later, Bowie still stands at the midpoint between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls as a bustling market for visitors from the metroplex and surrounding environs who appreciate the great variety and prices found in this town of 5600 friendly people. One visit and you might just decide you want to join them!

Second Monday and Trade City are in the lower right section of the photo. The Mason street shops are in the top left section. Both are on Business 81.

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